Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Low Fat Turkey Mock Reuben Sandwich Recipe and Video

A classic with a low fat twist. I love Reubens. My cholesteral problems have given me a new propective on
 how to eat healthier to protect my heart... Here is one low fat sandwich with all the great taste of the original sandwich.
 The Classic Mock Reuben.

Low Fat Turkey Reuben Sandwich

thinly sliced low sodium roasted turkey breast
fresh or canned and rinsed sauerkraut
1 package of reduced fat swiss cheese
1 bottle of fat free thousand island dressing
1 loaf of seedless rye bread or seeded whichever you prefer
light canola oil butter or healthy heart smart margarine
canola or olive oil cooking spray
Take two slices of rye bread and lightly spread with choice of above suggestions and place down into the oil sprayed large fry pan or panni make, warming the pan to a medium heat. Layer starting with meat, kraut, dressing, and end with cheese.

Place bread on top and toast on both sides till browned evenly. Serve warm.
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