Monday, January 14, 2013

Sauce and Gravy Debate With Italian Food

There is always a debate on what this is called. sauce, gravy?  Is there a right and wrong?
No, it's a Region of Italy or the area you grew up in.

The controversy is a constant battle on who is right.
It really doesn't matter as long as the finished product brings joy to the table. 

 Many traditions have changed.
Recipes adapted through the years. The joy of seeing the next generation change or adapt is what makes change unique to cooking. Anyone who loves Italian food is passionate on right and wrong ways to make things to the Region they came from stay true to their legend and family traditions. Today with so many new ideas to the pallet, we can only embrace the possibilities of new enhancements. We will continue to see new adaptions in cooking throughout the world, it's family traditions and the next generations of cooks that will keep our legacy alive.  Not the first time I have made mention of this subject... read more here

We go back and forth on pasta every Sunday, this is the Traditional day we eat  sauce as we  call it and
macaroni. Today it has many names along with reference to "pasta"in many shapes and forms. Today was  it was a unanimous decision to have Ravioli.

Corkscrews are another favorite in our household, with meat sauce.  Easy packaged pasta that is found in local supermarkets.  Sometimes we have to make more than one kind of macaroni on our Sunday dinner to please everyone.  I love how everyone has a favorite. If I had to pick one to be my favorite,  it would always be gnocchi, which is a potato macaroni homemade.

If you would like the recipes to Traditional Italian Sauce and suggestions for homemade pasta click the links below:

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Enjoy your journey trying out new homemade pasta's!

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