Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Mom's Birthday and No Bake Chocolate Covered Fig Cookies Recipe

One of my mom's favorite cookies to add to a wedding tray. Today she would have been 93 years old. Even though
I made these at Christmas time. I never served them and left them in the freezer until today as I made them in her memory as a tribute. She would make these for every Italian wedding in the family! One of her favorite cookies as well.
Happy Birthday Margaret Ann Fanelli Colenzo. Missing you everyday and all the fabulous foods you made for us!  I will continue to be inspired to make your recipes. Love you always and forever......
 I am so lucky to be part of you and proud to have you as my mom. Save me a good place up there.
Mom's Wedding photo.  She was so beautiful inside and out.
A woman that had a love for family, friends and fed everyone and anyone, anytime with her food!
Everyone would always call her to find out how to make her sauce which she really was famous for!
I can still taste it in my mind along with so many other specialties she made.

Here's her favorite cookie and recipe:

Packages of fig cookies store bought cut in half (she would use fig newtons) You will have to judge how many you need. She made enough to feed 300 people!
Chocolate Chips melting (she would use semi sweet chocolate chips)
Crushed walnuts
Wax paper 
Cookie sheet

Cut the cookies lengthwise in half. Melt the chocolate in a double boiler or in the microwave until free flowing.
Dip each cookie into chocolate using a fork allowing the excess to drop off into the bowl. Roll in coarsely chopped walnuts. Set on a wax paper lined cookie sheet and allow to dry. You can also freeze these for them to set quickly. 

Simple but delicious!

Love you always Mom,  R.I.P.  Happy Birthday...
In loving Memory of Margaret Ann Fanelli Colenzo
1919 - 1999

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