Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mock Brownie Tiramisu Parfait Recipe Video

These are a perfect dessert for any quick craving of a mock style Tiramisu, of course
I had these Italian mason jars that made them taste even better~!!!

Although you can use all premade and store purchased baked goods and cooked ingredients, I have used homemade fillings and homemade scratch brownies.  For these recipes used in this recipe, click at the bottom for  those links.

 1 baked dark fudge brownie recipe or store bought brownies cut up in small chunks
 1 Tiramisu filling, recipe ( cheesecake filling can be also purchased in the dairy case in a premade container by Kraft at your local supermarket, or another suggestion is to make Jello instant cheesecake pudding and pie filling found on the grocery shelf  by other pudding mixes)
 1 jar hot fudge

For the Adult version add:
1 or 2 tablespoons Kahlua or (more if you like)  in 1/4 coffee brewed leftover if you have it  sprinkle this on the brownie layer

For the Kids version:
Sprinkle the brownie layer with a few teaspoons of chocolate syrup, omit the coffee and alcohol.

 Whipped Topping
 Fresh Strawberries dip each one in Hot warmed fudge
 Red colored sugar optional
 Maraschino cherry juice, strawberry syrup or red food coloring to color the cheese cake mixture
 Mason jars for parfait (shown in photo's) or use any parfait glass

First get everything ready. Crumble up the brownies place in a bowl. In another bowl,  mix the cheesecake filling, with your choice of coloring to make it pink or whatever color theme you want. Sprinkle Kahlua mixed with coffee on the brownie(or make the non alcohol version for kids)  In the meantime, microwave some hot fudge topping for 30 seconds. Dip the strawberries in hot fudge and set aside.
In a mason jar or other decorative glass, crumble brownies on the bottom in an even layer. Top with a few tablespoons or more to your liking of Kahlua/coffee mixture. Spread a few tablespoons of cheesecake filling over the top (Tip: for even easier method, put  cheesecake filling in a ziplock bag and snip the corner off to fill, squeeze on top of brownies) then add the whipped cream. Repeat, brownie, Kahlua, cheesecake filling and whipped cream until you get to the top ending with whipped cream.
 Place a  strawberry that has been dipped in warm chocolate hot fudge and add on the mound of whipped cream parfait. Sprinkle the top with any coordinating colored sugar this one is with red colored sugar... you can tint this any color you want for any Holiday or make a big batch using a very large one bowl glass trifle dish!

Recipe for  Dark Chocolate Brownies Click here
Recipe for Tiramisu No Egg Filling Click here

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