Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fancy Salad Greens, Goat Cheese, Pecans, Dates and More

I absolutely love fancy greens. I thought I would mix them with a bit of spinach. All organic. Added some
dates, pecans, dried cranberries, goat cheese and pureed some fresh raspberries, added a bit of balsamic vinegar. Add some other fruits and vegetables for sweetness that will wow your salad!  Try this healthy recipe, you will be surprised how delicious this one is.

Not only pretty but pretty tasty too!
A healthy lunch. For a whole meal you can add 4 oz of grilled salmon, blackened mahi mahi or grilled lemon chicken , goes very well with this salad.
Maybe you remember our Buffalo Chicken Salad click here
A real winner of choice here for us as well!

Healthy eating has to start with you. It's a commitment. Hard to stick by unless you have a long term goal in mind, hopefully it's to prolong you life.  Remember to drink lots of water remembering lemon is very healthy for you too.

Raspberries have many health benefits, helps prevent cancer, great source of fiber that helps burn fat and the best part they taste great. Using Organic mixed greens are grown without pesticides. Dates are also high in vitamins, helps prevent abdominal cancers and a great source of fiber as well.
Goat cheese had a tangy flavor and has allot less fat than regular cheese made with cows milk.

2 cups organic mixed salad greens
 1 tablespoon crumbled goat cheese
1 tablespoons chopped pecans
1 tablespoon dried cranberries
1 tablespoon dates
1/2 cup pureed fresh raspberries adding water or pure apple juice to thin down
optional: 2 or 3 teaspoons of lemon juice or balsamic vinegar
freshly cracked ground pepper
salt to taste if you prefer

 Arrange greens on a plate, top with cheese, pecans, dried cranberries, dates. Serve with raspberry sauce on the side, sprinkles with vinegar or lemon juice. (For recipes on fish and chicken click on the links above).

For other suggestion combinations:

Antipasto Salad : Use Romaine lettuce, cappicola, artichoke hearts, roasted peppers, extra sharp block provolone, black crinkles olives, green olives in  crushed red pepper, genoa salami, tomatoes sliced, parmesan long shredds of cheese, buffalo milk chunks of mozzarella. Make an Italian vinegar and oil  Italian salad dressing.

Some other suggestions for salads, substitute low fat ingredients for healthier salads.

BLT Salad:  Preferred lettuce is ice berg, chopped tomatoes, crumbled crisp bacon, top with croutons. Creamy dressing. Combine mayonaise, pinch of garlic powder, pepper,  salt to taste and little milk to thin, beat till combined.

Black Bean Salad:   Start with iceberg lettuce, top with black beans, avocado chopped, tomato, cucumbers, chopped jalapeno's, and thawed mexican or frozen corn Top with crushed tortilla chips,  mexican blend cheeses and salsa.

Traditional Chef Salad:  Chopped lettuce, boiled eggs sliced, ham, american cheese, small chunks of tomato, cucumbers, celery, bacon bits. Top with your favorite dressing and croutons.

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