Sunday, December 18, 2011

Italian Christmas Eve Baccala Cod with Pasta Marinara Sauce

One of the 7 Fishes on an Italian Christmas Eve, a sauced up salted Cod/Baccala!
 This is was one of my Dad's favorite on Christmas Eve made with percatelli pasta, more frequently eaten with linguine.

Lightly flour then browned.  
The  marinara sauce will stick to the fish better and compliment the fish flavors

This is the process we used.
1- pound  dry salted cod/baccala fish . This fish will have tobe soaked in water and then changed out many times in a 48 hour period  and sometimes even up to 72 hours, checking and changing out the water until it is clear. If it's not  clear, continue to change out water several more times during the day until the water is completely clear.
1 pound pasta percatelli, linguine, angel hair or your favorite
1 recipe marinara sauce recipe or store bought
3 cloves minced garlic
Fresh chopped parsley and basil
pinch of red peper flakes
olive oil

If making homemade sauce this should be started when the cod is ready to fry.
Once the cod is fully unsalted cut it into one inch chunks. Place some flour in a plastic bag and shake the cod into the flour.
In a medium size pan heat oil ,on medium heat, add minced garlic to olive oil .
Add cod , browning on both sides, fish will cook fast.
Add  marinara tomato sauce. Simmer together very low heat, for 30 minutes.  Cook the pasta of choice in a pot of salted water to your taste, we like it al dente.  Drain, place some pasta on a plate. Top the pasta with some fresh ground pepper to taste, chopped fresh basil, a pinch of red pepper.
Pour sauce over pasta. Top with chunks of baccala, drizzle with olive oil. Garnish with fresh parsley and more sauce.

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