Sunday, October 23, 2011

Powdered Sugar Wands (Galani) from Veneto

We have made these fried cookies for years, mom, grandmom, Aunts, friends.   Regions in Italy make many foods differently. These adopted many names over the years such as ribbons, wands, bow ties, I just knew them as the fried cookies with powdered sugar in them as a child. I couldn't eat enough of these growing up. Our Aunt Mary (RIP) used to lived in Schenectady NY, where her sisterninlaw had a corner Italian bakery, she was most popular for her powdered sugared wands. Hand made, and amazingly delicious. Check out her recipe here.  One of the first posts I ever made for this blog.

This new cookbook immediately got my attention when I saw their Regions version and I had to make them.. they are delicious too!

When I received my new cookbook I won from Claudia @ Journey of an Italian Cook  I had to try these fried cookies  fron Veneto, we make these every Holiday.

 Our version here  were from the Region of  Calabria the style and recipe a little different in flavor, we used a little vanilla and wine in ours. What a nice change in flavor using oranges in this recipe below.

During this week I then again won another wonderful giveaway from, so off I went to get my free flour to make these and stored in this beautiful container. Thank you ladies, I hope my viewers visit both your fabulous blogs~

2 eggs
juice of 2 oranges squeezed and seeded
3 cups flour more for rolling
1/2 cup melted butter
pinch of kosher salt
powdered sugar to sprinkle them with
oil for frying I used canola, however the recipe called for olive oil

Heat oil to a low to medium heat, adjust if they get too brown, try one strip first.
Mix all ingredients together into a smooth dough, roll very thin and cut into strips. I roll this on parchment paper and cut with a fluted edged pastry cutter, (see photo)  then deep fry in hot oil,  till golden brown.

 Sprinkle with powdered sugar when cool.

For the Calabria family version click here we called them ribbons or bows and use wine in our recipe. We actually twisted ours into a bow.  Very similar. You will love how easy they are to make. The orange was a wonderful change, this ones a keeper!
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