Friday, October 14, 2011

Halloween Tombstone Brownie Recipe

1 package of Windmill Cookies ( I bought Voortman)
1 can chocolate icing or homemade recipe click here
1 package of your favorite brownie mix or click here for homemade recipe
1 container of pumpkin mellow cream candies
coconut tinted green
tube of black writing icing (found in baking section of the supermarket)
 optional  Halloween colored sprinkles or crushed oreo cookie crumbs

Gently break or cut cookies in half. Make brownies by package directions, cool, ice.
 Place cookies on wax paper outline the outter edges with icing and write letters on the tombstones R.I.P., HELP, whatever your ghostly pleasure is.  Apply a little icing to the bottom of the cookie and attach to the back of the brownie, flat side facing out. Cover the back with green coconut or crushed oreos for dirt and grass. Place candy pumpkin off to the side.

Have fun, spiders, skulls, can really get creative... !

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