Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Food Recipes and Graveyard Ghost Dirt Pie

A chocolate dirt pie for Halloween, perfect for any party!

Oreo Cookie Crust
 1 package mini marshmallows
 1 package nutter butter cookies
 1 package Oreo cookies (crush about 2 cups with a rolling pin inside of a zip lock bag.)
1 large package of instant chocolate pudding following package instuctions put in the refrigerator
2 cups whipped topping
red, blue and black pre made tube frosting
optional: gummy worms( to stick inside the dirt)  candy corn, or other Halloween candy of choice

Pour prepared  chocolate instant pudding into premade pie shell, top with whipped topping, crumble oreo cookies on top of pie. Cut nutter butters in half. Decorate with sayings of choice, initials R.I.P. etc. Let dry.
Use toothpicks to make ghosts with mini marshmallows and pipe with black icing the eyes.

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Happy Halloween!

From the Good Witch of the South !!

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