Sunday, October 9, 2011

Foods for Storms and Must Haves

As they say this is good weather for ducks!
Well here we are, some of us Floridians are sitting here in the dark ( over 2000 out of power in the neighborhood), lucky for us we have a generator. I am a pro at these storms. Going through Jean, Charlie, Ivan and Frances back in 2004, we had to learn how to live a different way in Florida and always prepared for the worse.
We actually have a kayak to get out of our development when the water rises too high for the cars to get out. Oh yes, we have had to use it. Hoping this time the rain will subside.

I have a storm box all ready in the garage at all times. In it you will find and old fashioned coffee pot, sterno, batteries, flashlights, a land line phone and cast iron pots and pans.  You don't need much, zip lock bags, toilet paper, weather radio and more listed at the end of this post for reminders and tips.

This morning I went outside, perked fresh coffee on the gas grill... and made breakfast on our grill. Bacon and eggs, potatoes.  I grilled the toast! You just have to get creative. It's like camping out, we are so spoiled, but roughing it once in a while isn't so bad!

I really do miss the luxuries in life when this happens but also appreciate them more every time.

I will be happy when the family all gets here later so we then be boiling water outside on the burners for our pasta and making sauce outside on the side burner, frying meatballs. My kids love to come over when the power is out, I end up having to cook everything in the freezer plus I usually have made cookies, cakes that thaw quickly, so food is in abundance.

Click here for Fried Meatballs

Then one other thing we love to cook outside is fried dough for dessert!

Click here for the recipe for homemade Fried dough! Pizza Fritte!
There are many other tips I can give you, don't be without gallons of water, canned foods and beverages, stock up on tuna, peanut butter, jelly, potato bread keeps fresh longer. We try not to buy junk food which I consider packaged cookies and snacks, but then what the heck, splurge a little with healthier style cookies and cakes, baked chips and dried fruits.

Make the best out of a bad situation, that's what mom always told us, so the power may be out, but we have each other to get through this today and hopefully this will pass quickly, if not tonight will be candle light dinner and some good old fashioned family conversation and board games!
To think this was just two days ago!
Some other useful tips during a hurricane, or any power outage storm can be found below:

Charge mobile phone and buy car charger for phone in case the power is down.
Check tire pressure, fill gas tank and top off all liquids.
Back-up computer files and keep external hard-drive and/or flash-drive in a Ziploc bag.
Store computer in the dishwasher or clothes dryer. Both appliances, when closed and locked, are airtight.
Photograph all personal property; download to a CD or flash drive. Keep one copy and send another to lawyer for safe keeping.
Create a master list of accounts, contact names and numbers for all credit/debit cards, bank and mortgage accounts and insurance policies; also include contact information for lawyer, accountant, financial adviser, friends and family. Download a copy to CD or flash drive to wear around your neck.
Keep identification on you at all times, including a small, wallet-sized card listing emergency contact numbers and insurance information.
Secure animals in a crate with their favorite toys and a long-lasting rawhide bone before, during and after the hurricane and always keep them on a leash. Pets should wear collars with current identification and also be micro-chipped.
Store a week’s supply of pet food, flea and tick and heart worm medicine, as well as some prescription pills to relax your pets during the storm, in an air-tight container.
Keep prescription medicines, spare eyeglasses, wallet, credit/debit and ATM cards, checkbooks, passport, and copies of all insurance papers (homeowners, auto and medical), as well as current HUD statements, car titles, medical records, pet licenses/vaccinations and any other valuable papers, stored in a Ziploc bag. Scan copies of the above items to a CD or flash drive.
Fill all bathtubs with water to use when flushing toilets. Note: Bottled water is best for drinking, but if you run out and need to use this cistern of water, be sure to purify with eight drops of bleach or water purification tablets.


A gas grill with two or more extra tanks of fuel.
Have plenty of cash on hand; $5s, $10s and $20s are best.
In lieu of matches, purchase multi-purpose lighters.
Stock up on canned foods, ramen noodles, peanut butter, dried fruit and granola bars. Oranges, grapefruits and apples, although perishable, are a safe bet.
A large cooler and plenty of freezer packs. Disposable, rinse-free toothbrushes, liquid hand sanitizer and baby wipes are also good to have on hand.
A watertight storage container with a snap-on lid, plenty of Ziploc bags and disposable disinfecting, surface wipes.
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