Monday, September 12, 2011

Memories, Farewell to Ed, R.I.P.

Farewell to Ed, may the Angels hold you tight and keep you smiling now.

 My heart is sad for my two sons. Their dad passed away yesterday at 3pm, 9-11-2011 

Their Dad's favorite tv series of all time was the original Star Trek .

I will be taking a break from blogging for a few days, this is a dedication to my two wonderful sons in the memory of their father during this sad time for them.

Ed, lost his battle to cancer.   
 9-11-2011 ... R.I.P.  Ed.
Ed sitting in the Captains Chair a dream come true

R.I.P. Edwin Iffert
2-27-1953  9-11-2011
Live Long and Prosper in the next life
Recently taken at Kennedy Spacecenter around two weeks before his passing,  he had an absolutely fabulous day, got to sit in the Captains seat.
 Curt got to bring him here with VIP passes he got to see everything behind the scenes.

Enjoyed the last year living with his sons and his future daughterinlaw, as they took care of him during his illiness, he loved sitting on the back porch having coffee and watching Star Trek
Before he really knew he was very sick, one of the  boys favorite pictures, and Ed's too.

He gave me two amazing boys that I am very proud of. They took care of their father along with Curts fiancee Jenni and comforted him everyday. The last year has been stressful, tearful, painful to watch. The positive side for them, they both spent quality time together that made memories that will last a lifetime. There are no easy ways to say goodbye at the end of life.
You both now have someone to watch over you from above.
I love you both always, you are the best sons any mom or dad could ask for, my heart is full of sadness for you both, . 

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