Sunday, August 14, 2011

Seven Links Of Your Food Recipes and Blogging Experiences GAME~

There is a game going around the Blogging world called Seven Links. Basically there are 7 questions, that you answer using previous posts of yours. 
Lizzy (a very talented fabulous baker and cook! Thank you for tagging me I really enjoyed this one!)
 @ Thatskinnychickcanbake~ tagged me, so it's my turn to tell you of my experiences, failures and successes  :)  I really believe we have no failures as they are successes because we can only learn from them!

Here are my Seven Links:
(all have links for the recipes included with their title names just click on them)

1. Most Beautiful Post Italian Style Shrimp Cocktail: My mom RIP was my dearest friend, her memory lives on in her fabulous recipes and this one came out beautiful, I think it was her hand of inspiration with love that led the way here.

2. Most Popular Post: Nutella No Name Cupcakes to date this Nutella filled cupcake has the most hits over any other recipes or entry. This cupcake got the most reposts and comments as well as stumbled traffic then anything else.

3. Most Controversial Post: Chocolate Nutella Crepe: This  one is a little embarassing, as this one got reposted on just about every food porn site. I couldn't believe the traffic it got, very risque' comments. Especially on Reddit and This is why your huge, just to name a few. Many comments referred to this as it looked like a private part of the body (you get the message). I hate to say this but I hope I never post anything that gets that kind of attention again ever!


4. The Most Helpful Post: How To Fry a Turkey: I have to give credit to my wonderful husband and son that developed a safe way to fry a Turkey rigging up a ladder and rope for this great tutorial!

5. Post that was surprisingly successful: Avocado Fries: These were so simple nothing to it, figured they didn't sound good to anyone unless they were avocado lovers like me and  they looked kind of weird. They ended up having more comments and still do along with stumbles.

6. Post that did not get the attention it deserved NY Style Cheesecake: There are some recipes we give up that are so special, handed down through generations. Sometimes it's us that really knows that meaning when we share those recipes from the heart. This was one. I was dissappointed on the reception of views, hardly none It was my husband's 40th, but the importance comes from sharing moments together we often miss as bloggers.

7. Post you are most proud of: Traditional Sunday Sauce the next generation: My son Curts  first attempt to make grandma's sauce. He adapted it to his own way by adding what he loves the taste more of.  We also made homemade cavatelli that day, and he learned so quick. I was over joyed by the outcome, his sauce was fantastic, the cavatelli was fun to make together. Some have daughters to help in the kitchen, both my sons cook and make me proud they carry on the traditions that I grew up with they make me so proud as I am sure mom and dad are looking down smiling too! 

There are 2 rules. One link per category. And a tag  to 5 bloggers who will recreate their fabulous posts.

 Here are my 5 Tags your it!

Fine Dining at its best!

Catherine @Living the Gourmet  

Laurie May-Alves @Food is Love

Tracey @Tasty Trix

Victoria @Mission Food

Drick @Dricks Rambling Cafe'

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