Monday, August 1, 2011

Nothing Special Chocolate Rice Krispy Treats with Nutella Drizzle

My husband is a Krispy treat lover~ an easy to make anytime buttery flavored kind of cookie candy fun!  Mine are just a little different, we like them ooey gooey and soft!

1 stick (1/2 cup) butter
10 oz bag of  mini marshmallows
6 cups chocolate rice krispy cereal

I use a heavy duty sauce pan, melt the butter on low, I NEVER use margarine. There is extra butter than the normal recipe (that you see on other web recipes) the extra amount of butter will keep them softer, I prefer this softer kind than the hard versions. These are soft and gooey like we both like them.
I love chocolate krispy cereal so I use that kind instead of the white version.

So here it is. Melt the butter, add the marshmallows, stir constantly until just melted, do not scorch or over cook, or your squares will be hard as a rock.  Add the cereal, blending together quickly. Pour into parchment lined pan. I prefer using a square small pan to make them thicker.

Tips: use only fresh marshmallows and cereal. When pouring the hot mixture into a parchment lined pan ( square baking pan) I like to pat it down with a spatula and  to make them evenly pressed together. Cool before cutting if you can wait!

The last thing I do is drizzle some nutella on top.. these never last a day!

Totally addicting!

Now here's an amazing picture I found @Sweet T Makes Three thanks so much for sharing, she has others at her wonderful site too, check them out!

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