Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine Day Cake Recipe, Dad's Favorite Coconut Jam Filled

In Honor of my Late Dad Carmen Colenzo, his favorite cake was always Coconut Jam Filled Scratch Cake, so this one's for you daddy! I use to make these all the time for him. My mom, my Margaret use to make the cake from scratch, fill this cake with whatever jam she had in the house, add the coconut on top and this became his all time favorite, try it you'll soon see why!

*Cupcakes are also a great alternative if you don't have a heart pan

Slice off the tops with a sharp knife, set aside and sprinkle with 10x sugar. Fill your top of the cake with red  jam, replace the sugared top. Almost like a famous cookie knockoff for Valentines Day  just using cake!

Happy Valentines Daddy, I will always miss and love you! 1912-1995 RIP

1 Heart Shaped Cake Pan greased
White Cake Mix or Homemade Cake see below
1 jar Strawberry Preserves or Red Raspberry Jam
1 cup of coconut put through the food processor till fine

Bake cake mix as directed or follow cake recipe below. See above for cutting layer off the top of the cake, using a cookie cutter, cut the middle of the top layer into a heart. Set aside. Sprinkle cooled cake with confectionery sugar. Fill cake layer with jam, sprinkle with coconut careful not to fill the middle hole with the coconut to cover the jam in the center. Replace the sugared top on the cake.

Homemade Cake Recipe Click Here > Grandma's Scratch Cake

*For those of you without Heart Shaped Pans use cupcake tins, slice off the tops same as the cake, fill with favorite jam, coconut. Use a heart shape small cookie cutter for the centers. Sprinkle the cut off heart centered tops with confectionary sugar, place on top of the cupcake and there you have it! Viola!

Carmen Colenzo 1912-1995 RIP
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