Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Italian Style Shepherds Pie Recipe

There are some times in our lives we really need our comfort foods. Sitting here today with a new( what seems as a common obstacle to face these days) my wonderful fun loving husband had his job eliminated.  Not something you ever really are totally prepared for, downsizing, company realignments and job eliminations continue to be an everyday occurrence. We are thankful it wasn't worse news as we will recover from this a bump in the road of life. But in this country the most stressful times can be the most common life changes that we just need some comfort foods.  So, it's our turn. I am thankful we have been blessed for so long with many years of stable incomes, but now, we look to the future with hopes to see an end to this struggling economy.
Italian Style Shepherds Pie

Now your probably thinking, she's got to be kidding me Italian Shepherd's pie? Well, you know I had to adapt it Italiano style right?  Did I tell you garlic was good for you? Italian vegetables seem to always end up somewhere in our family here's our version, we love it and we are celebrating a new beginning. A new future with hope and we will get through anything because we together will find a way too. Family, good friends and determination not to let this get us down. So when times get tough,  the tough get cooking, just a little more frugal but it's great therapy!

Layered with zucchini, mushrooms, corn and mash potatoes fill this meat crust.

1/2 pound ground hamburger, lamb or turkey or use leftover cooked chicken ground in the food processor
1/4 cup tomato sauce
2 tablespoons chopped green bell peppers
1/2 teaspoon garlic fresh minced and powder
black pepper and salt to taste
1 tablespoon grating cheese
1 egg
1/4 Italian flavored bread crumbs
Mix this all together in any order all in one large bowl, then line a pie plate with mixture, bake at 350 till browned. Drain oil off the top by using several paper towels to absorb any grease and proceed to fill with recipe below.

2 cups of  Roasted garlic mashed potatoes, plain or Italian Cream Cheese, Herb Parmesan Mashed Potato Recipes ( just click on the highlighted and underlined to get the recipes)
1/2 cup canned or frozen corn
1/2 cup grated zucchini
1 1/2 cup shredded four cheeses
1 can, jar or beef flavored gravy
1/4 cup of sliced mushrooms
grating cheese

Fill baked meat crust with potatoes. Next add, zucchini, mushrooms then corn, season with a sprinkle of garlic powder, cayenne pepper black pepper, parsley and salt Add grating cheese all over the top. Top with gravy, add shredded cheese over the entire top and bake for 1/2 hour on 400 till cheese is brown and bubbly.

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