Saturday, January 29, 2011

Game Day Spectacular Wing Showcase

The build up, the excitement of your favorite team making it to the finish of the season or even better win!  Whether your a fan of professional, college, or your own loved high school teams, its fun to root for your family, friends and admired professional stars. It becomes an addiction for love of your team. Hockey, football, baseball, soccer, basketball, track and field athletics, volleyball,  pool, bowling, swim,  motor car racing, boxing or a numerous many other sporting competitions, we are there to win! We all love to get together to partake in food and drink. It's all part of the fun on game day, so let's get your game on!

It's just in time for Superbowl! I am featuring 24 special  wing sauces. Grilled wings, baked or fried, there's something for everyone! We are wing and sports fanatics here. In the past year we have actually  experimented and adapted many sauces for our favorite past time to our taste, my son has been a wonderful inspiration in the kitchen helping me create new ways to enhance flavors with these sauces. For us Sunday is game day, but any day can be sports day!

 I wish all of you and your teams great success in 2011 Enjoy your kick off party with  inspiration to try some new flavored sauces and cook up some delicious wings and get your game on!

First up, a super variety that hits your wings out of the ball park ( no pun intended ).

Here's the lineup: (this is getting old huh?) Remember all highlighted foods are direct links to the recipes!

We start out with our table of wings fried, grilled or baked. First marinated  before grilling, coated before baking and naked fried. It's you preference how you want to prepare them for your game day. We do a variety of all three!

Naked Fried Wings
Grilled Wings(  marinated overnight)

Baked Wings

Homemade French Fries (this crinkle cutting tool  was my late mom's french fry cutter, it's been in the family for more than 50 years!) Just cut your potatoes thick or thin the way you like them (I am sure you have innovations on your food processors , but  I do hand cuts the old fashioned way for sentimental reasons) Just  deep fry in hot oil till brown,  sprinkle with seasoned salt or kosher salt, the perfect side for game day!

Grilled Wings with  Cajun Remoulade Sauce

Fried Spicy Garlic Marsala

Baked Wings with Lemon Pepper Sauce

 Fried Italian Gold Roasted Garlic Wings

Batter Fried  Buffalo Wings with Ranch Sauce

  Battered Fried Buffalo Wings

Baked with Mexican Salsa Sauce
 Fried Garlic Herb Parmesan

Fried Wings with Chili Lime Sauce

Baked Italian Chicken Wings  great with Garlic 
Herb Parmesan or Alfredo Sauce)

Grilled Wings with Bourbon Sauce

Baked Wings with Apricot Sauce

Click on any one of these below for the recipes pick your favorite wonderful dipping sauces as listed below:

You can choose to coat your wings with one of these sauces,  after using one of the cooking methods above.  Note: Dipping sauces that are very thick will not be a good coating for your wings and you should use separately for dipping your wings or garnishing.

We always need a dessert for that after the game victory or loss, this is the perfect happy ending!

 Italian Cannoli Filled Tarts

Wishing all teams continued success in 2011! Thanks for Reading!
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