Thursday, January 13, 2011

Easy Orange, Lemon, Lime Zest and Freezing Fresh Herbs Make Your Own Recipe

Fresher, fabulous zest you can make that lasts for  months!

I use alot of fresh herbs and fresh fruit zest in my recipes. I just wanted to share this method with my viewers. I not only love the freshness in the zest here,  the smell while you making this is a breath of fresh air in your home as well!

Here's the easiest way to make this perfect addition to many of your fabulous meals your making with orange, lemon, lime or actually any herbs as well.

Wash your fruit or herbs first. Dry them off.
Take a hand grater and grate the fruit making sure you don't go into the whites of the citrus, this is the bitter part.
Then make your piles of zest, place on wax paper or a freezer proof plate.
Freeze the zest for three weeks. This will dry it out. It is now ready to place in a glass container. Keep in a dry cool dark place in the cupboard or refrigerator. This lasts up to 6 months. Do not get this into sunlight the zest will fade although is still flavorful, it won't look nice.

Mint, basil, parsley, dill, thyme oregano all freeze well~
You can follow the same method for all green herbs, however, I freeze it after washing and throw the herbs into freezer bags and freeze until needed.. You can  also freeze the herbs  in ice water in ice cube trays and just use a cube in your stews, soups etc. Leave it in the freezer until needed. I don't dry and bottle the herbs...

Nothing better than fresh from the freezer when it's winter time!
Hope this has been an informative and helpful way to use that citrus up and preserve herbs, your going to use more of it now that you aren't paying so much for these wonderful additions to your cookies, cakes and entree's. Enjoy!
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