Saturday, December 25, 2010

Buon Natale! Italian Christmas Day Menu From What's Cookin Italian Cuisine

Waking up to the smell of fresh coffee isn't the usual today, nope, it's the  garlicy smell of that Leg of Lamb roasting in a low oven , that started out cooking around  midnight.  Herbs smells, sauce bubbling, meatballs frying, these are what  surroundings are like this morning.  A warm feeling I can't begin to describe when thinking back to  special moments in time with  Mom, Dad, Grandma and  my two brothers growing up. Today is just different without them but a smile in my heart knowing they started this all and we carry on those traditions to our children. .... Buon Natale to all my family and friends may your table be full of fine food and  made with love!!

                                    Can it be possible that 30 yrs. just flew by?

All Grown up, so proud of my two men!

 The only thing missing now,  is some little feet running around to tear open the presents, oh how I miss those days!  Now waiting for the grand kids to come~ someday.
Our day will be starting with breakfast around 10am.

Gnocchi or
Lasagna (Traditionally served Christmas Day) we have both this year!

Lemon Ricotta Cheesecake

I can't begin to count my blessings. I hope you and yours have the most loving, amazing family Christmas holiday making the most  of every minute, cherishing the memories that will be etched in your mind throughout your lifetime and talked about for generations to come....Buon Natale Ciao,  Claudia and Family Curt, Jenni, Nemo, Claudia and Chad ... from What's Cookin Italian Cuisine

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