Sunday, September 19, 2010

Kitchen Remodeling and A Tail of Two Cats

 Welcome to my New Toy Shop!!! @What's Cookin' Italian Cuisine

    This was a long month to go without water, but well worth the inconvience

Fonzo decided that anything new in the house would have to be inspected for comfort first, so after the cupboards were installed, he slept in them for three weeks while the granite countertops were being made!

Before Pictures!

This original kitchen had white formica cabinets, blue countertops and around 15 years old. From start to finish, between measuring, ordering, making the granite and installation, it's been took a little over a month now. We were without a dishwasher, kitchen sink, cabinets, stove and since its so hard to wash dishes in a tiny sink in your bathroom, or bend over in the bathtub we used paper plates, cups and plastic utensils. Disposable cooking bags for crockpot, aluminum foil for grilling and lots of styrofoam serving bowls.

Once they got everything ripped out of the kitchen, everything went in smoothly.

Catrina was not happy having to be on the porch missing out on all the loud hammering, drilling, to her normal quiet house . She sat there outside on the screen porch,  just starring at the workers all the time they were there.

Wine and Coffee Bar
 My favorite new addition and piece of my new kitchen.  Lots of counterspace to make new and exciting dishes, cappicino/coffee bar,  plus my relaxing shop for the last stop of the day,  wine!  Hope you enjoyed my new journey and got some idea's what a kitchen remodel is like....

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