Monday, September 13, 2010

Italian Foods Where it All Began!

My journey started out to give my kids, grandchildren and generations in the future the history of our ancestors and where it all began on cooking tradition and recipes to live on through us long after we are gone. Cooking is like music, its a universal language, no right or wrong just different to the individual families. The bonding comes from teaching, tradition and the love for cooking. From grandmothers handing down secret favorite recipes from generation to generation we all live in the wonderful visions of what was to recreate.   Food becomes the common bond and my past of fabulous memories and teachings from my grandmother and mom gives me the continued passion to live in their memory.
Pizzelles an Italian Favorite~
My quest is to provide that guidance to my two sons and future generations. Every recipe has been made with love and inspiration. The love for cooking and creating the future, that is the universal language. My recipes will be here long after I am gone, a wonderful way to be remembered and talked about years to come, at the dinner table.
What a wonderful thought, the next food star . The food industry was always my first love and passion to cook was inherited for sure. Grandma came from Italy with the golden spoon in her hand. My mom had her own catering and deli business. So when I was born I instantly bonded with wanting to create something delicious. At 3 years old I had my first easy bake oven. I didn't just make cakes with this, when the cake mixes ran out, I got creative and used things from the kitchen experimenting. It always amazed me that a light bulb could cook that cake!
I always wanted to show everyone what a good cook I was as a child. By the time I was 11 I was making roasts, parsley potatoes and brownies with mocha frosting. Here I am 40 years later, blogging my passion.
My mom inside the window watching me , our house was her business called  Mac's Deli, what more inspiration did  I need, it's in the blood~ 
Always had demitasse at the end of a meal with Sambuca~
 I love watching people enjoy eating,  with cooking the most important factor, is my family and friends  who inspire me to continue.   Everyone can make these dishes and  will always be loved by anyone that joins your table. Our foods are basic, Italian foods, desserts to indulge on and sharing that food with everyone that touches our lives.
The piece of resistance....the Margarita Pizza...
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