Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Fourth of July with some Boom and Raspberry Pie

Happy Fourth of July Everyone!!!

These two don't know what's in store for them tonight, they are in for some rumbling tonight they wont like, so they better enjoy the morning at 6 am! It's calm now and peaceful....... but in a few hours the kids in the neighborhood will start celebrating their loud booms, and around 9:00pm tonight, they will be sure to be hiding under a bed in the house for my poor babies Trina and Fonzo! ~

My day will be pretty uneventful since I am working all day. So my fun will begin later that night, when I get home around 7pm.

Hoping to have some leftover hotdogs and kraut that my husband will be grilling.... and Italian Tuna or Shrimp pasta salad on the side~ this is one of my favorite holidays and I usually don't have to work, but being a Sunday this year it was tough to get off!..... Both my sons will be here and my hubby to celebrate and they will be cooking, so not that bad a deal!
Of course I had to make a special dessert ahead of time, but no time for being our favorite for this time of year.....Fresh Red Raspberry Pie~
Oh course, you have to eat the hotdogs first! I just am going to sit back, relax and enjoy the show....

Can you tell Curt and Chad will be up to something....oh yeah!!....they love those fireworks as much as their momma and the louder the better for them! So, I will be taking some more pictures after this big night looking forward to the stash they bought this know they had to test one out~! Both cats jumped a mile!
I love the pretty triple breaks and they love the boom boom boom!~!! We have the perfect spot over the water in our yard, and very lucky the neighbors usually compete each year for who has the best. So we sit back and enjoy the show...The boys love to compete and do all the work! ~

You think they bought enough.....I couldn't fit it all in the picture~~Happy Fourth of July everyone~ be safe, eat, drink and have a great BOOM DAY!!!!! Hope you all have a fabulous evening......
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