Thursday, May 20, 2010

Italian Foods in Utica / Rome NY Area Amazing Perch

I lived in Upstate NY for more that 30 years, can you believe I never had this kind of fish "perch" or no less Fresh Fried Perch? I had no idea what I was missing. Then on this past vacation to Upstate NY, our Uncle Joe and Aunt Linda introduced us to Fresh Fried Perch at Okey Dokey's Restaurant and Owners Craig and Therese Williamson of Floyd NY. We were hooked immediately. (no pun intended). This fish had quite an interesting journey after talking to Craig on how he gets it all year round. There are three Lakes he catches them in, Delta Lake, Oneida Lake, Canadarago Lake. Craig has had perch on the menu for nine years now. He caught 44 perch just today for our awesome dinner tonight. The largest one he has ever caught was 15 1/2 inches long around 2 1/2 lbs. That's quite impressive. He has 50 years experience in fishing and gets them all year long and I can tell you first hand it's one of the best fried fish I have ever eaten ! He has one of the only establishments around that carries fresh perch and people come from Rochester, Buffalo and as far as Ohio. Folks travel from all over to get this and I can see why. Wednesday night is usually perch night. We had made a special request and Craig went out of his way to get us a fresh catch for tonight, since we were flying back to Florida Wednesday evening. A special thank you to you and your lovely wife for this fabulous meal. As you can see below I didn't leave much~ it was so incredibly fantastic.... a mild white fish.

Craig said he uses three spices and flour to make that delicious breading on the outside, and then they are deep fried.The are located on Rte 365 Floyd NY , 5 minutes from Rome,NY and the gateway to the Adirondacks. Don't miss a chance if your any where in the area to try this fabulous establishment, there is something for everyone on the menu.

Just don't make the mistake and text anyone like I did, I am technically challenged with my phone. My niece Alicia was meeting us out for dinner. So I texted her, "Louise in the morning, Okey Dokey night". She thought I was just referring to Okey Dokey night was I was going to bed now oops~ So needless to say, she had no idea where we were eating until I explained that to her, and now after eating at this awesome restaurant she will always remember the name as I hope you will remember this story!!!! ..... (laughing out loud)

The menu is just awesome, homemade cooking and worth the trip, very reasonabley priced.

For the haddock lovers take a look at this gorgeous golden brown fish~ delicious!

The perch is so delicately seasoned with just the right spice

I honestly wished I had more room in my stomach to eat more! The servings are such large portions!

Aunt Linda and Uncle Joe, the familia at the table, Aunt Linda, Lenny her son and daughterinlaw Tara, and the last picture is my motherinlaw Sandy. We all had a great time together.

I had no idea that everywhere we drove I would see a woodchuck, my motherinlaw has one living under her shed. He actually sits there in the driveway and runs underneath the shed when she pulls in the driveway! Every where you drive in Rome you will see woodchucks in the grass area's! Amazing!

So off to the Barge Canal old Erie River system.

I was amazed how pretty everything was this time of the year, hadn't been back in so long to see the lilacs bloom and the wonderful smell after everything thawed out.... the weather was gorgeous for us! So lucky to hit it right since it rains and is cold most of the year round.....

Rome NY Barge Canal, very peaceful. People and kids fishing everywhere here. Uncle Joe and Nemo enjoying the view.

Waterfall off the canal

We can't get this kind of fresh haddock in Florida, absolutely love our fish frys. We had one in Sylvan Beach's Eddies that's the first place we head straight off the plane from Syracuse to eat. We had this one at Packys in Washington Mills below my brother Luke thought he was going to be able to eat this without taking the picture first......

The Turning Stone Casino in Verona Beach NY huge attraction for the area's business and growth> Gorgeous place to visit, eat and can see great acts and music shows. I actually did pretty good this time gambling.....I broke even~~~~ !!!!! ha ha

Oh yeah and the piece of resistance baby, half moons from some local bakeries, Hemstroughts, they sell these at a local market in New Hartford NY. They sell them everywhere, Holland Farms, is another favorite.

Just look at this New York Style Pizza, this one came from Franco's in Whitesboro, NY this didn't last long! I saved four pieces to bring home.

I went over the weight limit in my suitcase, I just picked up a few things we can't find in Florida our last day of the trip and my husband was not too happy carrying the bags and still complaining, of course he will have no problem eating it afterwards though!. Bagels, five loaves of bread, cheeses, My T Fine puddings, pasta, hazel nuts, spices, tomato pie, pizza, and some pastries. Not all in the picture, just imagine my carry on that weighed around 15 pounds, and the suitcase weighed 58 lbs before I took out all the food and put it in a carry on! I love to go home to shop for food~ not to mention my kids request things....they have two New York Yankee Shirts waiting for them also.

So a perfect ending for the perfect weeks vacation.. I was introduced to
Freshly Caught Perch. Ate tons of haddock, pizza's, pusties, cannoli's, half moons, tomato pie....oh my~ So if your looking for culture, tradition, fresh caught fish, the best pizza's, and fabulous Italian pastry and every great food that's Italian imaginable, you need to plan a trip to Upstate Utica/Rome one of the best area's for the taste of real Italian homemade authentic foods that I was brought up on....I love Upstate NY!!!!!!!!

Those little town Blues are melting away!!!!!! It's up to you New York.... New Yooorrrrrkkk~~~~~~~~~
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