Sunday, April 25, 2010

Shrimp Mostaccioli & Nutella Birthday Cake Dinner

One of my favorite pasta dishes is a nice light Seafood Mostaccioli. This one is simple, a nice fresh sauce with just shrimp, using the same sauce recipe as (Click > Italian Mostaccioli Primivara ) without the veggies and assorted seafood. This simple Shrimp added to fresh sauce is just a perfect pre birthday dinner, tomorrow night we will go out for my real birthday. I decided we would celebrate tonight with my son since we all worked today and my husband would be home much later (lovely retail!) We needed a quick dinner, this was ideal to spend with my youngest son (my oldest one couldn't make it over tonight) and then leave my husband the "famous plate" or the photo shot (that's what he calls what I saved for him, when he finds his dinner on a pretty plate in the refrigerator, instead of a paper plate, he is too funny). My husband and I are both off tomorrow and planning a nice day together. So glad I won't have to work or cook tomorrow, that's a great birthday gift in itself!!
I got to spend some quality time with my baby, he hates that being in his twenties now, but still my baby!!!! Curt can make some mean > chicken wings and > potato skins! I am taking a raincheck from him for my birthday dinner, he told me tonight when he is off next, he is making me > homemade cavatelli another one of my favorite pasta dishes we have made together!

Then of course one of my favorite cakes is the dark triple chocolate > Nutella Madness cupcake recipe, so I made that into one big bundt cake. The filling is so delicious. Just hollow out the center and fill it with the Nutella filling. Add the ganache on top, and I won't find this in any restaurants.

This is a chocolate piece of heaven for me, of course I would burn the house down if I had to put that many candles on it!

The candy on top is my favorite, I love Ferrero Rocher. ( I have a confession to make, I hate putting this candy on the cake and sharing it!!! I can eat the whole box and tell everyone I forgot to buy I would feel guilty lol )

Amazing how fast the time goes by, not sure where all the years have gone but I am truly blessed with good health, the love of a great family, wonderful friends and readers...thank you :)

That's the best birthday present anyone could have! thanks for reading....
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