Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fresh Italian Pita Bowl Sandwich Vinaigrette

The perfect lighter sandwich to take along to the beach, you won't have to worry about this spoiling when packing sandwiches in nice hot weather, this is so healthy and delicious...

A simple bread you can use as your bowl for a wonderful light salad. You can put whatever you want in this. I love chickpea, romaine and grape tomatoes with a light dressing...

Nothing like making your own pita bread and it's so simple!

Make a simple batch of pita bread

If you want to make bread bowls, you can always take the dough and wrap it around ramekins on the outside of the bowl, bake and it will actually hold the shape. They are a great bowl to serve soup in as well.

Make sure you let the bread cool, split it wide open fill it with your favorite veggies and pour some Vinaigrette over it found in this recipe Orzo Tuna Salad Recipe with Vinaigrette. Here's what I used for this sandwich:

romaine lettuce
small can of chickpea's
grape tomatoes
sliced calamata olives
vinaigrette dressing
Suggestions: you can add lunch meats like turkey of coarse, feta cheese if you have it and grilled chicken or tuna goes fabulous with this.
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