Sunday, March 7, 2010

Crock Pot Italian Chicken Portabello Over Linguine

A perfect dish when your in a hurry for work, all in one pot, leave it all day and come home to a delicious " Chicken, Portabello, with a Wine Sauce over Linguine." Your family will love this one!~

The chicken will melt in your mouth and is extremely full of flavor and tender.

A nice Hearts of Romaine Salad goes very well with this dish, with garlic bread.

Before serving boil the pasta in salt water

Make sure you have sprayed the crock pot so nothing sticks.

I always buy fresh plum tomatoes for sauce, and use the vine for salads, however you can use either one if you can't find the plum tomatoes in season, or canned.

Pulse the tomatoes to a chunky pulp.

The spices will blend perfectly in a simmering crock pot and just the right flavors to the chicken.
Prepare Crock Pot Italian Chicken Recipe:

4 Chicken Breasts cut in half lengthwise to make eight pieces
1 package of sliced portabello mushrooms
1lb of fresh green beans cleaned and snipped
1lb of fresh sliced carrots
8 fresh plum tomatoes quartered and processed in food processor chunky style, you can use vine tomatoes as well.
1 1/2 cup of white wine
1/2 teaspoon of oregano, basil, salt and pepper
2 tablespoon fresh parsley, minced garlic, fresh basil leaves for garnish
1/4 teaspoon of rosemary, thyme, cayenne pepper
1 can of tomato paste
grating cheese

Place vegetables on the bottom of a 5 quart crock pot that has been sprayed with a light oil. Place chicken on top. In a bowl, mix tomatoes, wine, paste, and spices. Pour over chicken. Set the crock pot on low, for 8 hours. High for 6 hours. Boil linguine in salt water. Spoon on plate first top with chicken and vegetables, add cheese and serve.
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