Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Beans, Beans, Beans!!!!!

I had to write an article on beans. You will find recipes if you click on the highlighted entrees. These happen to be one of many I make in my crockpot for various recipes especially Pasta Fazool. Putting the beans in 4 to 4- 1/2 quarts of water in the crockpot overnight make amazing beans ready for any recipe you have, with no fuss. Yes, it make allot, but freezing them makes them easy to take out for any of those recipes, and so much healthier in the long run along with many other great reasons to use your crockpot...

I love the Northern beans for soups, chili's, rice dishes. Great to have fresh, as they are so much healthier!

I am amazed on how much food has gone up. Dealing with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and rising food costs, gave me just a few of the many reasons to use dried beans instead of canned. Salt, money, healthier, hmmmm sounds like a good plan. Easier than I though. I bought several varieties, cleaned them then in the crock pot at bedtime they went in the pot. Ten cups of water to a bag, got up in the morning the house smelled wonderful, drained them. Took what I needed, and into the zip locks bags went the rest, and then to the freezer! Wow how simple. No salt, no mess, inexpensive, the crock pot did the work. What is better than this. Off I went to make some White Chili...
Not only did they taste better, they were easier to store than cans and no recycling! So, I bought red beans, black beans, lentils, northern beans, kidney beans, garbanzo beans. Wow, the money I am going to save, and can make so many wonderful meals with these. I thought this was going to be such a chore.
Chili has never been easier, a package of dried beans cost $1.29 and made a full 4 quarts of beans. Can you imagine the amount of money we spend on all those cans? So it just takes the night before to prepare the beans that will last you a long time in the freezer for up to 3 to 6 months depending what kind they are...

So, before you go to bed, just wash the dried beans in water, add water to the crock pot and when you wake up.....oh boy do you have beans....lots of them, perfect and ready to add to that special dish your going to make. Nothing to it!

So here are the many reasons I have found to use dried over canned any day of the week!

Price the purchase of dried beans, they are so inexpensive. You get a significantly amount of more beans by forgoing the canned varieties. What a difference in price! Sodium free, you can add what you want, and salt is so bad for your arteries or in general for you. Canned beans are loaded with salt!
Healthier for sure, and I can tell you dried beans in a package have to have a longer shelf life than cans, and you don't have to worry about botulism in these beans. No chemicals no preservatives!.
Much tastier. My husband woke up to this incredible aroma in the house, after cooking in the crock pot all night, it was amazing how great those beans smell through the house. Plus slow cooking dried beans is far tastier than eating precooked canned beans. There is no waste and nothing to worry about throwing out, cans etc. so its even good for our recycling! No cans!
So many kinds to chose from. You may find in the dried bean version beans that you cant find in a can anywhere! It’s awesome to try new varieties every now and then and bypass the canned bean aisle with the same old stuff.

You can use them for the freezer for soups, chili, rice dishes, so many uses. The control in how firm, juicy, or mushy the final bean will be.

Personally, the less I expose myself to chemicals the better.
You can store stacked in the freezer and requires less space than storing canned beans.

Fast and easy prep. So why not try this, it just makes perfect sense. At least you will wake up with a wonderful mouth watering aroma......thanks for reading ... and try some of these recipes below.

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