Saturday, December 26, 2009

Bourbon Marinade Glazed Baked Ham

This ham will please many and you will be asked to make this over and over. After carving, you can serve with a little marinade over the top or make a thickened sauce for serving and appearance. The marinade alone is so delicious you really don't need to do another thing after its cooked except sit down and watch it disappear.

If you do happen to have any leftovers (as we never do), this will make a great breakfast ham and eggs in the morning and also ham and cabbage soup by using the bone, just a few suggestions. I buy a bigger ham every year.

The meat will literally fall off the bone clean after slowly baking and sliced while warm.

You will need some lemon lime soda or ginger ale to mix with this marinade also.

1 Ham up to 10 pounds

After this is mixed below you will put this in a large cooking bag with the marinade and refrigerate up to two days, one minimum. The longer it stays in the bag the more tender this ham will be.

2/3 cup Bourbon
1 cup dark brown sugar
1/2 cup pineapple preserves
a pinch of ground cloves optional
1 can or cup full of ginger ale or lemon lime soda
1 can chunk pineapple

Large Cooking plastic bags works the best. If you use a roasting pan, make sure you cover tightly to seal out the air.
Mix above ingredients in a bowl.

2 oranges, sliced pitted
maraschino cherries
Clean ham cut off fat and skin. Put into a large plastic cooking bag set into a 13- x 9-inch pan add all ingredients except oranges and cherries. At this point I poke 6 holes in the bag at the top and it goes into the refrigerator for two days to marinate.

Bake at 275° for 3 hours. Slice off the bone, arrange in platter and while serving pour glaze over ham and arrange orange slices, arrange on toothpicks, chunk pineapple and cherries on serving plate. You can use the juice to make a gravy over the ham and fruit or leave it plain, its a perfect blend for your holiday ham or anytime.
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