Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Italian Salsa With Fresh Garlic Recipe and Video


        Italian Salsa will be addicting... but what isn't that's Italian?
                          Click here for garlic bread recipe!

The tomatoes are straight from the garden, basil, parsley grown outside on the front porch and peppers and garlic from the side of the road stands we have all over the state in Florida. Dad use to have an awesome garden, everything was fresh and had a taste I have never been able to find through the years here in Florida. But lucky for us we have an abundance that does grow all year long to be able to eat this great appetizer or snack.

Italian Style Salsa

1 Italianelle peppers, Red bell or 1 Green pepper cleaned and cut into pieces
2 Large Vine Ripe Tomatoes chopped into small pieces
2 Plum tomatoes
2 cloves of Fresh Garlic Minced
2 tablespoons of White Wine optional
Dash of Salt and Pepper
Dash of Cayenne Pepper
1 Fresh Basil Leaves, chopped fine
a handful of fresh parsley
Place everything in a food processor and pulse until you reach your desired consistency. We like ours chunky.

Pour into a container and season to your taste if you need more salt, pepper or heat from the cayenne. Allow at least two hours in refrigerated until serving. To enhance even more flavor add some really good grade olive oil before serving around 2 tablespoons stir and enjoy!

Serve with garlic bread or crackers or sesame bread sticks. You can also use fresh veggies like cucumbers.

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