Monday, January 3, 2011

Veal Saltimbocca Recipe

Well this my you all know there is no really right or wrong way to cook, my preference is always with mushrooms, not the normal for this recipe so you can omit them of course...I just love the mushrooms with this dish.. I also love making a homemade noodle recipe to serve along side of this dish, just add butter on the noodles a little grating cheese, black pepper and some crushed can adapt this any way you like mix in a little of the sauce. It's delicious!
1/2 cup flour
1/4 teas salt and finely ground black pepper
1/4 teas cayenne pepper and garlic powder

8 thin pieces of veal cutlets scaloppine
8 paper-thin slices of prosciutto chopped
6 fresh sage leaves optional
4 tablespoons butter
1/3 cup Chablis
1lb sliced mushrooms (optional) washed sprinkled with salt and pepper

1 package fresh spinach saute' with 2 cloves of garlic, 4 tablespoons olive oil and a pinch of cayenne pepper set aside

1/4 cup chicken broth
1/4 c. grated Swiss cheese
lemon wedges optional

Place flour in a shallow plate or bowl. Add seasonings and stir with a fork. Place veal pieces in seasonings and flour mixture and coat both sides. Place a chopped prosciutto and a fresh sage leaf on each scaloppine on top.
Melt butter over medium heat in a large skillet or frying pan. Sauté scaloppine for 2 minutes on the veal side and 1 minute on the prosciutto and sage side. Be sure scaloppine is cooked through. Place in baking dish and keep in warm oven with prociutto and sage mixed in. Add mushrooms to the pan and saute them till coated with flavors from the butter, around  6 to 8 minutes. Remove from pan.
Add , cheese, wine, broth and sage to skillet for 2 to 3 minutes until flavors are blended. Plate the spinach in first, top with veal. Salt and pepper to taste. Add mushrooms to warm up to sauce, spoon sauce on top of veal and spinach. Suggestions for side dishes would be Italian risotto, egg noodles, or pasta al dente.
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